7 Outdoor Activities That Your Dog Will Love

Getting outdoors is great for your mental and physical health. Natural landscapes have been shown to have a remedial effect, restoring well-being and lowering levels of stress, especially among those who live in urban areas.  These wonderful benefits go beyond our own health and are also important for dogs.

Dogs need the stimulation and space that natural landscapes offer and would struggle to be both healthy and happy without access to the outdoors. For dog owners, it can be beneficial to find an outdoor activity that works for both humans and dogs, helping to achieve mutual restoration with one simple wild adventure.


One of the most easily accessible activities, requiring little in the way of equipment and being very accommodating to various physical abilities. Hiking is also a great excursion for dogs too, offering them a chance not only to expend their energy but also to get excited about nature, exploring new locations and interesting sights.

Be sure to bring along plenty of water for both yourself and your dog as long, especially arduous, trails can be testing even for physically capable dogs.

Wild Swimming

Depending on your dog’s feeling toward the water, swimming can be an incredibly fun activity to enjoy with your pet. Whether jumping into the ocean or a lake, many dogs will have a blast in the water, splashing about and cooling off, especially if they can chase a ball too.

Disc Throwing

Often referred to as Frisbee, disc throwing, as well as the formal sport of ultimate, can be a fantastic way to revel in the sunshine with your dog as you test your ability to run, jump, and catch those hard-to-reach throws.


You may have seen families enjoying a paddleboarding excursion together, with adults and children all sitting on a single paddleboard. Dogs can just as easily be brought aboard too. Simply equip your four-legged friend with a dog buoyancy aid and explore the water together.


Taking your dog out into nature to explore new and beautiful landscapes can be a fulfilling experience, especially for a loyal companion. What’s more, especially for solo travellers, having a dog for company is reassuring too, especially for those mysterious nighttime noises that can often cause a little worry! Camping is also a great way to combine a number of other activities with your dog too, such as hiking, swimming, and even kayaking.


Meeting up with friends for a coffee is common practice and can be a wonderful way to spend a morning, even helping to improve mental health and feelings of connection. In the same way, socialising is great for dogs too. So, if you have any friends with dog companions, there are many reasons to regularly meet up with each other.


How you cycle with your dog will depend on their physical ability. Some dogs will be able to stride along a slow-moving bicycle and do so with great enjoyment. Others, however, will be quickly overwhelmed, even at a gentle pace, and would far much better riding in a basket or sidecar instead!